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Přenosný mycí systém

Designed to be used outside the vehicle, the portable rinse system provides a convenient solution for washing pets before loading or rinsing down other equipment from bikes to wetsuits. Depending on the setting selected, this portable rinse system will deliver a minimum of two minutes of continuous water flow through a shower hose style attachment. Without the need for batteries or external power, the system utilises pressure captured when filling from a tap, and an integrated hand pump allows the user to pressurise if filling the water tank away from home. Featuring a Jaguar branded cover and handle, with an additional stowage bag it can be secured to the luggage compartment 'D' loops during transit, making it ideal for owners who regularly carry dogs or other pets in the luggage compartment of their vehicle.

Cena: 7 992 Kč

Uváděné ceny jsou nezávazné prodejní ceny včetně DPH 20 % bez montáže. Změna cen vyhrazena. Další informace vám ochotně poskytnou smluvní partneři Jaguar.

Číslo dílu:T2H38746